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Your home purchase offer was accepted. It’s a done deal, right?

Virtually anyone who has ever bought a home in New Jersey or elsewhere recollects well that, while the process was exciting, it was also marked by stress and uncertainty.

Thus, is it unsurprisingly the case that a would-be home buyer is elated when hearing that a seller has accepted his or her purchase offer. Relief ensues that acceptance rather than rejection has followed a long process of searching, negotiating, filling out forms, receiving loan approval and complying with myriad other requirements.

The quest is over now. Nothing can go wrong at this point, right?

Maybe not. Perhaps all that is left before you move into your dream home is an uneventful closing.

“But don’t get too comfortable just yet,” advises one online primer focused upon issues that can arise for a prospective homeowner seeking to close a transaction.

Candidly, it shouldn’t be too surprising that obstacles can confront a home buyer right up to the point of deed transfer, given that a home purchase is the largest financial transaction most people ever engage in.

The above overview spotlights some of the home-linked challenges that can crop up right until the point of closing. They include things like these:

  • Differences with a lender concerning funding details that arise following matters like an unexpectedly low appraisal or discovered concerns with alleged paperwork irregularities
  • Major problems discovered via inspection (e.g., structural damage or insect/vermin infestation)
  • Seller’s post-acceptance hesitancy to continue with the transaction
  • So-called “cloud” on the title (a tax lien, perhaps, or a contractor’s money claim)

In fact, many and material issues might conceivably crop up that can render a perceived problem-free closing, well, something else.

Proven real estate attorneys are accustomed to seeing such issues and creatively addressing them in a manner that fully promotes a client’s interests and fosters a successful closing.