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A sometimes key family law issue: grandparents’ role re the kids

We prominently stress on our New Jersey website at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh what we perceive to be a fundamentally important task for a proven family law advocate. That is the careful balancing of roles, accomplished by an experienced attorney simultaneously “asserting parental rights and protecting the best interests of children.”

Kids are obviously important in divorce and all other family law matters. In fact, their well-being is routinely emphasized over all other factors by judges, who weigh considerations and outcomes in terms of what will optimally promote the interest of a family’s children.

Of course, parental prerogatives are also critically important. It is loving parents, after all, who safeguard precious cargo by seeking to ensure that their children are cared for in the manner that best ensures their happiness and development.

For many families in New Jersey and elsewhere, another presence also looms large in home-linked matters relevant to children. Its linkage promotes love and stability in legions of cases. In other select instances, it spells unwanted interaction.

We’re talking grandparents here, who are sometimes central figures in family law disputes tied to divorce, visitation, custody and related matters.

Grandparents in many cases simply seek to resume what has always been the status quo in their relations with grandchildren. In other instances, though, they feel compelled to invoke judicial help to alter existing arrangements. Some singular family law disputes feature grandparental attempts to gain custody owing to alleged concerns with parents’ lack of fitness or some other material problem.

The realm of grandparents’ rights in family law matters is complex. It is also state-specific. We will take a look at New Jersey’s basic laws/scheme concerning this important subject matter in our next blog post.