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NJ child support: guideline-based, but fluid, sometimes adjustable

On Behalf of | May 24, 2019 | Divorce

Child-centric issues often rise to the top of any list addressing divorce concerns, and understandably so. Children are precious cargo, and it is a flatly sensible imperative that their best interests be fully promoted in family law matters.

A recent Forbes piece spotlighting child support considerations duly notes challenges that can arise for divorcing couples seeking to reach terms on that sometimes sensitive topic. Issues can easily emerge, given that “the rules for determining child support are relatively fluid.” Indeed, every state has a distinct system and guidelines employed by courts to help them fashion equitable support outcomes.

We spotlight New Jersey’s relevant statutory scheme on our website at the proven Bridgewater Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh. We stress therein that spousal negotiation and judicial discretion are muted in child support matters, giving way to “fairly straightforward guidelines” that inform the process.

It can be critically important for a divorcing spouse and parent understandably concerned with a support order to timely enlist the help of a proven family law attorney. We note on our website that, although statutory guidelines generally determine support outcomes, “there may be reasons to deviate up or down from a presumed payment schedule.”

It notes meriting for any concerned parent that – as the Forbes article underscores – “child support is always modifiable.” If circumstances that guide a court order materially change down the road, a seasoned legal advocate can persuasively present them to a court, arguing for reasonable adjustment.

Experienced legal counsel can help make a case to logically support a desired deviation.