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Protecting your long-term financial interests when divorcing

The end of a marriage may be a representation of significant financial change for both parties. It’s not always easy to navigate these changes, especially when you are also dealing with the emotional and mental strain that can come with a divorce as well. Fortunately, there are some choices that you can make during divorce that allow you to preserve your long-term financial interests. 

Divorce is an emotional process, but your strong feelings at present are likely not indicative of what will work best long-term. It may require you putting aside some of your emotions so that you can pursue practical solutions that will work for you for years to come. When making important choices, you would be wise to think about your immediate needs as well as your future goals.

Start on the right foot

The choices made during your divorce will impact you for years to come. To start this process off on the right foot, you would be wise to take an honest look at your finances. Try and get an accurate picture for your current financial state before you move forward. Some of the specific steps that can help you lay the foundation for a strong future include: 

  • Figure out your post-divorce budget — It’s wise to know what your future financial prospects will look like. Go ahead and make your post-divorce budget and start living by it. This will save you stress and help you avoid rapid lifestyle changes in the future.
  • Be fair when dividing assets — Even if there are hard feelings between you and your spouse, there is rarely any benefit in trying to be unfair or unnecessarily dragging out property division disputes. Divide assets fairly, and you can avoid trouble down the road.
  • Keep track of your costs — Divorce can be expensive, especially when you are now trying to adjust to living on one income. Keep careful track of what you are spending, and cut back in other areas to avoid issues.
  • Decide what to do about debt — Like marital assets, spouses will have to share responsibility for marital debt. It’s prudent to be perfectly clear about who is responsible for which debts and how you can deal with this fairly.

These are only a few of the things that may be useful for you as you try and start your post-divorce life off on the right foot. It may be helpful for you to speak with an experienced New Jersey attorney about what steps you can take and how you can fight for a final order that allows you to have a strong and stable future.



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