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Which type of protective order would benefit your situation?

Due to factors that you cannot control the choices of your partner or someone else who lives in your home, it’s possible you may live in fear for your safety or that of your children. In this situation, it may be wise to consider the benefits of a certain type of protective order. These are legal orders that can help protect you from the continued threat of harm. 

If you think you may be in danger, there is no time to lose in getting the right type of help. This includes finding out which type of protective order could be the right choice for your situation. It may be beneficial to immediately secure the legal help you need to effectively navigate the appropriate steps required when seeking protection against any type of domestic violence.

Is a restraining order the right choice?

A restraining order is a type of protection that prohibits a person from doing certain things, often arising out of situations involving domestic violence. It may keep someone from coming near you, calling you, texting you, stopping by your place and more. These orders often stem from a family law case, but other types of civil cases can involve restraining orders as well.

Is a protection order the right choice?

A protection order is valid for one to multiple years. It offers long-term protection from certain actions that an abuser may take, such as contacting you, trying to enter your home or coming close to you. A protection order can also protect others, such as family members of the applicant, his or her kids, or even romantic partners.

Is an emergency protection order the right choice?

This type of protective order is appropriate in situations where a person is facing the imminent threat of harm or the possibility of violence. In many cases, law enforcement will go to the home and make a person leave or remove weapons. These orders are short-term, and you may need additional protection in the near future. A court will usually err on the side of caution in granting an emergency order. But the court will require — in a formal hearing — a more concrete basis for converting that temporary restraining order to a permanent order for protection.

Protecting yourself and your loved ones 

If you need to protect yourself through a legal order, you may first want to reach out for the assistance of an experienced New Jersey attorney. He or she can provide you the guidance necessary to take the appropriate steps, complete the right paperwork and end the threat of harm that has been casting a shadow over your life. If you are believe you are in immediate or imminent danger, of course call 911.



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