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New Jersey home buying and selling: halted by COVID-19?

So much about everyday life that we simply take for granted has dramatically changed recently, hasn’t it?

We refer here to the coronavirus pandemic, of course, and its seismic effects on everything from group gatherings to grocery shopping.

We noted those repercussion in our firm’s immediately preceding blog post (please see our March 23 entry). We stressed therein that COVID-19 “has turned life upside down for much of the global population, including virtually all Americans.”

New Jersey residents are hardly exempt from that. People all across the state are making material adjustments to new-found circumstances. Our above-cited blog post spotlighted divorce processes and strategies for individuals during the pandemic (noting that forward movement is still possible, with The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh doing all it can to accommodate valued family law clients and help them realize their goals).

Individuals and families in other legal realms are understandably just as concerned with normalcy in their ongoing affairs.

That is certainly true for New Jersey residents contemplating or currently in the process of buying or selling a home.

Can home realty transactions proceed during the pandemic?

The answer to that query is similar to the one we provided in the divorce context. The bottom line for New Jersey home sellers and buyers is that they can still make progress on their objectives, with a bit of exercised flexibility likely being helpful in any given case.

Our firm stands solidly alongside clients to promote their real estate goals in a timely way that yields optimal results. We encourage direct client communication during this singular time, and stress that our proven legal team is readily available by telephone and via video conferencing.

American resiliency will pull us through this trying period.



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