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Family law: Maintaining a work-life balance during a divorce

Getting through a divorce can be tough even in the best of situations. Some New Jersey residents going through the process might even have trouble getting motivated enough to get up and go to work. And when they get there, they might have a hard time focusing. In these instances, it’s crucial to take some personal time and some space to be able to cope and perhaps discuss the situation with someone who is experienced in family law and divorce.

Some people look for ways to cope during times of upheaval and that’s when they could develop addictions, some of which are unhealthy. Work can actually become one of those addictions, but becoming a workaholic could ultimately mean a serious bout of burnout, so it’s necessary to have a positive work-personal life balance. That might mean taking a personal day once in a while.

It’s likely that co-workers will know what’s going on. Having them know about a divorce is one thing, but sharing personal details is another. It’s best to discuss those with family, close friends and perhaps a therapist. It may be wise, however, to personally let a boss or manager know of the divorce should one have to leave work to attend a meeting or a court date.

It might be difficult at first to manage everything when divorce is fresh. No one expects perfection, especially during a stressful personal situation. Getting through a divorce may be much easier with the help of a New Jersey family law attorney. He or she may make the process easier by taking care of complex aspects such as property division, child support and custody and spousal support.