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When should a child custody lawyer be hired?

To save money, some divorcing parents try to represent themselves when it comes to the custody of their children. New Jersey parents in these cases should know that it may save money, but the long-term results might not be was the parent was hoping for. In most situations, hiring an experienced attorney for child custody cases is the best thing a parent can do before heading to court. 

When do you need a lawyer? 

A lawyer would be helpful in any case, but especially in those cases that include hostility. If a parent suspects the children are in danger or a former spouse starts to make false accusations, a family law attorney may help a parent to protect the children and him or herself from potential harm. An attorney should also be hired if the circumstances of a case begin to change. For example, a former spouse may agree to joint custody at first, but then decides to fight for sole custody. 

Handling a child custody situation 

The outcome of a child custody case is never guaranteed. There may be times one parent feels the court will favor him or her, but that is not the case. No one can predict who will win a child custody suit. The important thing is to make a good impression, show the judge time has been taken to prepare and be professional right from the beginning. 

A New Jersey attorney may be able to help a parent argue his or her child custody case. Many people aren’t familiar with family law rules and a lawyer can provide guidance since they know the ins and out of the court process. There are times when situations call for legal counsel and child custody cases may be one of those times.