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Common signs that a couple may be heading toward divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Divorce

Couples decide to end their marriages for many reasons, and each one is deeply personal and unique to the individual situation. Although every marriage is different, there are some common signs that could indicate that a New Jersey couple could be heading toward a divorce. If you see any of these warning signs or you believe that you could be facing a potential divorce in the near future, you will benefit from preparing for what is ahead. 

Whether you never expected to divorce or you suspected this could happen to you in the future, taking the appropriate steps to protect yourself is critical. Those who look ahead and make the necessary effort to prepare well will be in a better position to shield their interests during a divorce. According to therapists, there are certain indicators that a couple’s marriage could be in a difficult place, and a divorce may be imminent. 

What should you look for? 

Even though your marriage is unique and the struggles you are facing are specific to you and your spouse, there are certain things that therapists say are common in marriages that may be heading toward divorce. Some of these things include: 

  • Imbalanced accountability — A relationship may be more likely to struggle if one party is willing to work on their ongoing issues, such as going to counseling, while the other is not. 
  • Lack of respect — When a couple has lost respect for each other, or one spouse has lost respect for the other, it will be difficult to recover from that. 
  • Communication issues — Many relationship problems stem from struggles to communicate well, leading to a higher chance of the marriage ending. 
  • Lack of empathy or desire to change — When a marriage is struggling, both parties may have to adjust and be more intentional about making it work. When the desire to do this is gone, things may not improve. 

These signs do not mean you have a doomed marriage, but they are signs that could indicate important and potentially life-altering changes could be ahead. Regardless of what you think will happen or what you have already decided to do regarding your marriage, you will find it helpful to learn about the legal options available to you and the steps you will need to take in order to be intentionally proactive about securing your long-term interests.