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Dynamic realty realm spotlighted in national report

We note on the real estate page of our website at the Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville that our experienced legal team diligently represents the interests of both buyers and sellers in realty-linked transactions. We also provide comprehensive legal services for real estate investors, entrepreneurs and established industry principalsd across a comprehensive range of commercial transactions.

You find a problem after buying the house: What do you do now?

Some New Jersey home buyers seek perfection in the house they hope to purchase. Others are hard-core realists, fully expecting to find a few things that will need to be updated or otherwise modified. Real estate participants obviously differ in their expectations and attitudes.

What are the chief sources of neighbor-linked discord?

We impliedly noted a widely swinging pendulum concerning neighbors in our immediately preceding blog post. We stressed in our October 12 entry at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh that the people next door might be regarded as either best friends or, well, something else.

Your neighbors: best friends ever or flat-out nemesis?

Maybe you think back to the moment you said “yes” to your New Jersey home purchase as a near-magical memory. The house is perfect, you told your spouse. Quality schools are within walking distance. Lakes and parks surround us. The commutes to work are a breeze. Crime seems off-the-charts low. And the price turns out to be less than what we expected to pay.

Title issues should be addressed, protected against in home closing

A prospective New Jersey home buyer might reasonably want to assure that legal counsel retained for input in a transaction has across-the-board experience and acumen in relevant purchase and closing matters. There can be a lot to focus on in a residential real estate transaction, and a would-be buyer is sold short when professional advice is less than complete.