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A potential new twist? Alimony spotlight in U.S. Congress

It is unsurprising that, given family law’s highly case-specific variables, divorce is often a complex endeavor for many affected parties.

Put another way: There is usually a lot to think about.

We prominently note that on our website at the Somerville Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., citing factors ranging from division of assets, real estate considerations and parenting/custody concerns to child support and parental relocation.

Individuals and families from all across the Middlesex metro are preoccupied with a number of or even all of those issues, as well as additional matters.

Like alimony, for instance.

Alimony — also commonly called spousal support or spousal maintenance in New Jersey — features in many divorces. There are several types of alimony and a number of factors relevant to its award. A judge has ample discretion over alimony, which can make an experienced family law attorney’s input extremely important for a client seeking a positive outcome.

As noted by a commentator in one recent CNN Money piece, alimony is deemed important for the tax benefits it provides the paying ex-spouse. Specifically, American tax law confers an annual tax deduction on spousal support payments.

That benefit now comes with a caveat, though, namely this: Its demise could now be on the near horizon, given a recent congressional bill that seeks to eliminate the alimony payment deduction. If that legislation successfully survives a vote tally in both the U.S. House and Senate, President Trump says he will quickly endorse it.

We will keep readers timely apprised of any material details that occur. If the bill does pass in its current form, it will affect divorces from next year.

Of course, a tax deduction is far from the only key concern relating to alimony. New Jersey residents with questions or concerns regarding any aspect of spousal maintenance can reach out to an experienced family law attorney for information and guidance.



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