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Prenuptial agreements: growing in acceptance, but still … .

We preface a page devoted to marital contracts on our family law website at The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh in Somerville with the stated viewpoint of many people concerning that subject matter. Those individuals, we note, “say prenuptial agreements are contrary to the basis of marriage.”

Are they? Do prenups truly merit what a recent article terms their “terrible rap in pop culture?” Are they love killers and marriage breakers?

That Business Insider piece points to evidence that in fact rather convincingly posits just the opposite. At the least, polled conclusions from expert insiders overwhelmingly suggest that the execution of a premarital agreement has “no predicable impact” on the subsequent outcome of a marriage.

In fact, there are strong – and many – arguments to be made on behalf of prenups, chiefly an oft-demonstrated claim that timely attention paid to that family law tool helps a marrying couple duly focus on matters that will become fundamentally important down the road.

The value in timely identifying such things, and then candidly discussing and dealing definitively with them in a legal pact, is obvious.

And it certainly beats confronting real challenges during divorce that could have been addressed and potentially de-fanged far earlier. The above-cited article stresses that it is certainly “better to have worked through [challenges] while you’re still speaking to each other and care about each other.”

Business Insider points to a number of persistent prenup-linked myths that were in fact disproven long ago. The publication’s bottom line centrally stresses that the upside utility for a couple willing to timely educate themselves about marital contracts can be appreciable.

Questions regarding such contracts (both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements) can be directed to an experienced family law attorney.

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