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Calculating And Imputing Income In Divorce

Income is a factor in determining alimony, child support and property division. An inaccurate picture of the parties’ incomes can skew all facets of divorce and custody.

At The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., we are committed to providing the court with a complete and accurate accounting of income so that the agreements or court orders are fair to our client. This sometimes includes uncovering hidden revenue or asking the court to impute a spouse’s income.

Everything should be on the table.
Calculation of income should not be a game of hide-and-seek. Arrange a consultation with our experienced divorce lawyer.

Discovery, Asset Tracing And Imputed Income

Attorney Rajeh A. Saadeh formerly served as a judicial law clerk in the family courts of Hunterdon, Somerset and Warren counties. He has witnessed many of the tactics that spouses will use to try to hide or downplay their income for purposes of alimony and/or child support in divorce proceedings.

  • We use the discovery process and investigative methods to locate windfalls and revenue streams that may not be voluntarily reported such as rental property income, private investments, gambling proceeds, or off-book money from contracting work and side jobs.
  • We work to uncover hidden assets such as secret bank accounts and offshore accounts or marital assets that have been liquidated or transferred to shield them from a spouse.
  • We can petition the court to impute income of a spouse who is self-employed, particularly if he or she claims to draw little or no salary from a profitable business. The court can also impute income of a spouse who is intentionally unemployed or underemployed to minimize the amount of child support or spousal support owed.
  • Imputing income can work both ways. A spouse with primary custody, for example, may fail to report income or downplay their earning capacity to artificially increase the amount or duration of financial support.

The court can sanction individuals who have intentionally defrauded their spouse or the judge, from contempt of court penalties to awarding of hidden assets to the aggrieved spouse.

Let’s All Start With The Facts

We represent clients on both sides of the equation, with the goal of full disclosure and dependable financial figures to negotiate a fair and good faith divorce settlement. Rajeh A. Saadeh is an experienced trial lawyer who will aggressively protect your interests in negotiations and contested proceedings.

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