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High Net Worth Divorce

Getting divorced is stressful and emotional no matter your station in life. But for high earners or married couples with complex estates, there is much more at stake.

You can turn to Bridgewater attorney Rajeh A. Saadeh for sophisticated counsel and representation, no matter how complex or contentious your case. He is a formidable trial lawyer who has experience litigating high-asset divorces. He has also helped high net worth clients reach amicable and efficient settlements out of court.

Choose your battles wisely.
We start with a thorough inventory of your asset base and the potential conflicts. Arrange a consultation today.

We Welcome Complex And High-Asset Cases

The Law Office of Rajeh A. Saadeh, L.L.C., practices in Middlesex County, Hunterdon County, Somerset County, Morris County, Union County, Mercer County and surrounding jurisdictions of New Jersey. Rajeh A. Saadeh is well-versed in the issues that attend divorce when a couple has significant wealth:

We offer guidance for all facets of the divorce process. This often includes coordinating with third-party mediators, accountants, financial planners, valuation experts and other professionals.

We Aim For Settlement, But Strategize For Battle

Litigation is not inevitable in a high net worth divorce. In many ways, a large estate provides greater opportunities for a settlement that is amenable to both parties. We have represented high-earning individuals who want to protect the wealth and influence they have built. We have also represented lesser-earning spouses who have fewer resources and stand to lose status, standard of living and economic security. Our goal is to find a fair and practical middle ground that allows each of you to move on with your lives. Yet, Rajeh A. Saadeh is a skilled and fierce fighter in the courtroom when our clients need him to be.

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